Hora (Tree)

Dipterocarpus zeylanicus
Dipterocarpus zeylanicus is an evergreen perennial plant endemic to the island of Sri Lanka. It grows as a tree of about 170 ft. high and produces timber that can be used for bent works, plywood, boats, planks, casks and piles (Worthington, 1959). The bark is pale-grey in colour with swirl marks (Worthington, 1959). The fruit is purple in colour when young. Trees are majorly found in the southwestern wet zone of the country, below 3,000 ft. (Worthington, 1959). 

Vernacular names
Sinhala: හොර (Hora)                                            Tamil: ?

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Malvales
Family: Dipterocarpaceae
Genus: Dipterocarpus
Species: Dipterocarpus zeylanicus

1) Worthington, T.B., 1959. Ceylon trees. Ceylon trees. p.49.

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