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Jaffna Lagoon

Jaffna Lagoon
Jaffna Lagoon (Sinhala: යාපනය කලපුව; Tamil: யாழ்ப்பாணக் கடல் நீரேரி) is a semi-enclosed shallow water body located in the Northern Province in Sri Lanka. Containing a number of coastal wetland habitats, the lagoon is an important breeding area for numerous marine species (IUCN & CEA, 2006). BirdLife International has identified the Jaffna lagoon as an Important Bird Area (IUCN & CEA, 2006).

Physical features & climate
Connected to the Palk Bay, the lagoon is long and narrow and is surrounded by a dry zone landmass dominated by sandy areas and dry zone scrublands including mangroves (IUCN & CEA, 2006). It has an area of approximately 421 km² extending from Elephant Pass in the southeast to Kayts in the northwest (Chitravadivelu, 1994; IUCN & CEA, 2006). The lagoon is relatively shallow and the depth doesn't exceed 4 m (Chitravadivelu, 1994; Sivashanthini & Abeyrami, 2003). The shoreline is composed mostly of sandy soil while the bottom is mostly mud (IUCN & CEA, 2006). The salinity is influenced by rainfall and freshwater run-off from surrounding areas (IUCN & CEA, 2006).

The lagoon is located in the dry semi-arid zone of the country with an average temperature of around 27˚C and an annual rainfall of between 500-700 mm (IUCN & CEA, 2006). Rain is mostly received during the northeast monsoon from October to February (IUCN & CEA, 2006).


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