Wattaramtenna Purvarama Viharaya

Not to be confused with Wattarama Sri Maliyadeva Viharaya

Wattaramtenna Sri Purvarama Viharaya (Sinhala: වට්ටාරම්තැන්න පූර්වාරාම විහාරය) is a Buddhist temple situated in Mathurata in Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka. 

The image house of Wattaramtenna temple preserves a collection of murals of the Kandyan art tradition of the Kandyan Period. The slab inscription that is engraved on the rock behind the Makara Thorana (dragon arch) and the seated Buddha statue in the image house contains 1765 of the Saka Era [(1843 A.D.) Gamage, 2020]. A sketch of a human figure wearing a unique dress and ornaments is found beside the inscription.

Period: 19th century A.D.                 Script: Modern Sinhala                 Language: Modern Sinhala
Transcript: Sujatassa Shakabdam Matusatyam Evajan
Translation: Saka year 1765
Notes: This inscription has been written following the ancient Katapaya system
References: Gamage, 2020.

A protected site
The ancient shrine and Chaitya at the premises of Wattaranthenne Purana Viharaya, Padiyapelella, belonging to the Ampitigoda village situated in Grama Niladhari Division Ampitigoda in the Divisional Secetary’s Division Hanguranketha are archaeological protected monuments, declared by a government gazette notification published on 12 June 2015.

1) Gamage, D.P., 2020. Epigraphical Notes (Nos. 22-23). Department of Archaeology. ISBN: 978-955-7457-30-7. pp.3-6.
2) The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, no: 1919. 12 June 2015. p.393.

Location Map
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