Waulpane Cave

Waulpane Cave
Waulpane Cave (Photo credit: Ravindu Samarasinghe, Google Street View)

Waulpane Cave (Sinhala: වවුල්පනේ හුණුගල් ගුහාව) is a limestone cavern in the Kumburugamuwa Grama Niladhari Division in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka. It is located about 278 m above sea level at the eastern slopes of Bulutota Rakwana Mountain Range (Thamodi & Kumara, 2020). The cave is surrounded by a tropical rainforest extending about 30 acres (Thamodi & Kumara, 2020).

Waulpane Cave
The cave was first discovered by a surveyor who engaged in a topographical survey in 1938 (Abeyawardana, 2002). It is about 50,000 cu. m in size and 425 m in length (Abeyawardana, 2002; Seneviratne et al., 2009). The cave is called Waulpane or the "cave of bats" probably due to the enormous number of bats that inhabit the cavern (Abeyawardana, 2002; Thamodi & Kumara, 2020). It is estimated that approximately 800,000-1,000,000 bats belonging to 7 species live in the cave (Abeyawardana, 2002; Thamodi & Kumara, 2020). 

A water stream flows through the cave and the waterfall called Waulpane Ella, which is said to be the second-longest brackish internal waterfall in Asia, is found in the centre of the cavern (Ponnimbaduge-Perera et al., 2019; Thamodi & Kumara, 2020). This fall is made by a stream which gushes out from the hillside by the cave and falls through a sinkhole in the limestone layer-roof of the cave (Thamodi & Kumara, 2020). It is about 150 feet (45 m) in height and cascades down onto a pillar which has acquired a roundness and smoothness on top as a result of centuries of falling water (Thamodi & Kumara, 2020).

Waulpane Cave
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