Kankasanthurai Cement Factory

Kankasanthurai Cement Factory
The Kankasanthurai Cement Factory (කන්කසන්තුරේ සිමෙන්ති කම්හල) is the first industrial cement manufacturing factory established in Sri Lanka (Perera et al., 2020). Located in Kankasanthurai in Jaffna District, the factory currently remains in a state of disrepair.

The factory was established in 1950 under the Department of Industries (Annual Report, 2012; Weerakoon, 2021). It was converted to a Public Corporation in 1956 under the provisions of the Government-Sponsored Corporations Act No.19 of 1955 and named Kankesan Cement Works (Annual Report, 2012). However, the plant was closed down in June 1990 due to the Sri Lankan civil war [(1983-2009) Annual Report, 2012].

Kankasanthurai Cement Factory Kankasanthurai Cement Factory
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