Udawalawa Carp Breeding Centre

Udawalawa Carp Breeding Centre
Udawalawa Carp Breeding Centre (Sinhala: උඩවලව කාප් අභිජනන මධ්‍යස්ථානය) is a fish station located near Udawalawe Reservoir in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka. Presently, it functions under the National Aquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka (NAQDA) of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources.

The station was established with the assistance of the Chinese Government in 1975 (Eadie & Grizzell, 1979; Weerakoon, 2007). It extends in an area of 49.6 ha and specializes in the production of Chinese and Indian major carps (Weerakoon, 2007). The centre comprises 40 mud ponds and 66 cement tanks, a hatchery comprising of 8 Chinese-designed hatchery tanks, each with a water holding capacity of 11.34 cubic m capable of hatching 1 million eggs (Weerakoon, 2007). The centre also has a spawning tank.

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