Pottuvil Lagoon

Pottuvil Lagoon
Pottuvil Lagoon (Sinhala: පොතුවිල් කලපුව) is a shallow brackish water coastal lagoon located in Ampara District, Sri Lanka.

Physical, ecological features & climate
Surrounded by sand dunes, salt marshes, mangroves and coconut plantations, the lagoon is connected to the sea on its eastern side via a narrow channel (IUCN & CEA, 2006). The maximum depth of the lagoon is 2-3 m (IUCN & CEA, 2006).

The lagoon is located in the low country dry zone and it experiences a rainy season (October-February) and a dry period (May and September) per year (IUCN & CEA, 2006). The average annual rainfall is 700-1,700 mm and the temperature is uniform at around 27.4 ℃ (IUCN & CEA, 2006).

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