Mahakirindegama Tamil Inscription

The Mahakirindegama Tamil Pillar Inscription is one of the Tamil Inscriptions in Sri Lanka. It was discovered in an old field located nearly a quarter of a mile north of Mahakirindegama Wewa in Mihintale, Anuradhapura District.

The inscription has been engraved on two sides of a pillar of about 3 ft. in height (Indrapala, 1971). It consists of twenty-three lines (seventeen lines on the first side while six lines on the second side) of almost equal length (Indrapala, 1971). The characters are Tamil and Grantha used in the 12 century A.D. (Indrapala, 1971; Veluppillai, 1971). 

The object of establishing the inscription is to register a grant of land to the Brahmanas of Jayankonta Calameka Caturvvetimankalam (Indrapala, 1971). Although the identity of the donor has not been disclosed, the record is dated in the twenty-fourth regnal year of Jayabahu Devar who, according to scholars, is non-other than King Jayabahu I [(1110-1111 A.D.) Indrapala, 1971; Veluppillai, 1971].

Scholars have dated this inscription to the reign of King Gajabahu II [(1132-1153 A.D.) Indrapala, 1971; Veluppillai, 1971]. However, as found in several other inscriptions, the regnal year given in the record is not Gajabahu II but Jayabahu I (Indrapala, 1971). Therefore, this inscription is believed to have been engraved in the year of 1133 or 1134 A.D. (Indrapala, 1971; Veluppillai, 1971).

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