Mehiella Tamil Inscription

The Mehiella Tamil Inscription is one of the Tamil Inscriptions in Sri Lanka.

The slab containing the inscription was discovered in a place called Mehiella at Mallawapitiya in Kurunegala District (Veluppillai, 1971).

The inscription which consists of fifteen lines is almost worn out (Veluppillai, 1971). Depending on the features of the scripts, scholars believe that it has been engraved in the Period of Dambadeniya/Kurunegala [(1232-1341 A.D.) Veluppillai, 1971].

Although the record mentions an year, it can not be identified (Veluppillai, 1971). The word Kurunekal which means "Kurunegala" is found in the third line (Veluppillai, 1971). A person named Atityavarman is mentioned in the last line (Veluppillai, 1971). According to the view of Veluppillai, this person probably a silk trader belonged to the Vaisnavite sect of the Hindus (Veluppillai, 1971).

1) Veluppillai, A., 1971. Ceylon Tamil Inscriptions: Part 1. Published by the author. pp.35-36.

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