Sivasubramaniam Pathmanathan

Sivasubramaniam Pathmanathan or S. Pathmanathan (1940-) is a Sri Lankan Tamil epigraphist and historian.

Life events
Pathmanathan was born as the son of Sivasubramaniam and Sivapakkiyam on 20 March 1940 in the village of Araly in the Jaffna District (Kanagaratnam et al., 2004; Profile, 2008). He completed his primary education at Jaffna College before entering the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya where he obtained a B.A. Special Degree in History in 1963 (Kanagaratnam et al., 2004; Profile, 2008). He completed his PhD in South Asian History at the University of London in 1969 (Kanagaratnam et al., 2004; Profile, 2008).

Pathmanathan worked as an assistant lecturer in history at the University of Ceylon, Peradeniya from 1963 to 1969 and then as a lecturer (1969-1975), senior lecturer (1975-1981), and associate professor [(1981-1986) Kanagaratnam et al., 2004]. In 1986, he joined the University of Jaffna where he served as a professor until 1994 (Kanagaratnam et al., 2004). He returned to the University of Peradeniya in 1995 as a professor of history and served there until 2006 (Kanagaratnam et al., 2004). He became the Head of the Department of History at Peradeniya between 2001-2002 (Profile, 2008). 

He also served as a visiting lecturer at the University of Colombo (1970-1972), University of Kelaniya (1975-1977), University of Cologne (2003-2004) and Uppsala University (2004) before getting retire in 2006 (Profile, 2008).

In 2007 and 2008, Pathmanathan was a visiting lecturer at the Eastern University of Sri Lanka. He was also a consultant for establishing the Faculty of Hindu Civilization at the same university and the consultant to the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka for Hindu studies in 2008 (Profile, 2008).

# Sri Lanka Sikhamani (Sri Lankan National Honours, 2017)
# Merit Award [for the book Hinduism in Sri Lanka (in Tamil), State Government of Tamil Nadu, 2005]
# Sahitya Mandala Award (for the book Ilankait tamilar tecavalamaikalum camukavalamaikalum, 2002)
# Sampanthar Award (for the book Ilankait tamilar tecavalamaikalum camukavalamaikalum, 2002)

Pathmanathan has published more than 8 books and over 130 articles in various journals and encyclopedias (Kanagaratnam et al., 2004; Profile, 2008).

# The Vanniyar (in Tamil, 1970)
# The Kingdom of Jaffna Part I (1978)
# Hindu Culture in Sri Lanka Volume I (in Tamil, Department of Hindu Religious & Cultural Affairs, 2000)
# The Laws and Customs of the Sri Lankan Tamils (Kumaran Publishers, 2001) 
# Ilankaiyil vanniyar/The Vanni Principalities in Sri Lanka  (Kumaran Publishers, 2003) 
# Ilattu Ilakkiyamum varalarum/ Tamil Literature and Historical Traditions in Sri Lanka (Kumaran Publication, 2004)
# Ilankaiyil intu camayam/ Hinduism in Sri Lanka (Kumaran Publication, 2004) 
# Ilankait Tamil cacanakal/ Sri Lankan Tamil Inscriptions (Department of Hindu Religious & Cultural Affairs, 2006) 

1) Kanagaratnam, V.; Rajagopal, S.; Pushparatnam, P., 2004. Pathmam (Professor S. Pathmanathan Felicitation Volume). Bavani Pathippakam. pp.xi-xx.
2) Profile, 2008. Professor S. Pathmanathan, A Profile. Professor V. Chelvanayakam Trust. pp. 4-24.

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