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Andare's Tomb

The Tomb of Andare (Sinhala: අන්දරේගේ සොහොන) is situated in Koholankala in Hambantota District, Sri Lanka.

Andare is a legendary jester in the royal court of King Rajadhi Rajasinha (1781-1798 A.D.) of Kandy (Abeyawardana, 2004). Born in Southern Sri Lanka, he is said to have joined the royal court at the invitation of the king. Folklore reveals many stories about Andare and the pranks he played on the king, his ministers and even the queen. It is said that he received the title "Sadda Vidda Palaga Pathira Rajapaksa Wickramasinghe Muthukumarana Adhikaram" from the king for his works.

One day he suddenly fell ill and he wanted to go to his home after taking permission from the king. However, on his way to his home town and he passed away under a Palu tree at Udamalala. He was buried on the banks of the Udamalala Wewa where his tomb still can be found. The present monument depicting the life events and the death of Andare was erected at the site on 12 February 2001. 

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