National Sandalwood Garden

National Sandalwood Garden
National Sandalwood Garden (Photo credit: Rakshitha Muranga Rodrigo, Google Street View)

National Sandalwood Garden, also known as Jathika Sandun Arana (ජාතික සඳුන් අරණ), is an urban park located near the Parliament Building Complex, adjacent to the Ape Gama premises in Battaramulla in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. It is the country’s first-ever, state-funded sandalwood garden.

Extending to an area of about 9 acres, the garden has been established on a land plot belonging to the Urban Development Authority. The construction work of the garden commenced on 20 July 2020 under the instruction of then-President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. The construction took place in two phases, with the first phase costing Rs. 132 million and the second costing Rs. 162 million. It was declared open to the public on 20 July 2021 by then-Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse.

The garden consists of 300 red sandalwood plants and 900 white sandalwood plants. It also houses Mukunuwenna seedlings to support the primary plants as they can retain soil moisture.

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Although the sandalwood trees are not yet fully grown, tourists flock to the park to take photos and pass the time. An outdoor theatre is also available to the general public for recreational activities. A night visit to the park would be great to feel a different experience as multicoloured illuminations and colour-changing glass wall fountains come into action with the sunset.

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