Subramaniam Park

Subramaniam Park
Subramaniam Park, (Tamil: சுப்பிரமணியம் பூங்கா; Sinhala: සුබ්‍රමනියම් උද්‍යානය) is a children's park situated middle of the Jaffna Public Library and the St. Peter's Methodist Church in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka.

The park was established by an engineer named W.S. Ratnagopal in 1940 (Pushparatnam, 2014). It was developed into a complete garden after the large donation received from Dr Subramaniam in 1942 (Pushparatnam, 2014). The park had been destroyed and neglected during the Sri Lankan Civil War, which lasted from 1983 to 2009. However, the government renovated and opened it to the public again in 2006.


1) Pushparatnam, P., 2014. Tourism and monuments of archaeological heritage in Northern Sri Lanka. Author Publication. ISBN: 978-955-0811-08-3. pp.163-164.

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