Gangathilaka Viharaya (Embilipitiya)

Sri Gangathilaka Raja Maha Viharaya
Sri Gangathilaka Raja Maha Viharaya, also known as Kalagedi-ara Pansala (Sinhala: ඇඹිලිපිටිය ගංගාතිලක රජමහා විහාරය/කළගෙඩිආර පන්සල) is a Buddhist temple situated on the right bank of Walawe Ganga River in Kalagedi Ara village near Embilipitiya town in Ratnapura District, Sri Lanka.

Locals link the history of this temple to the reigns of Prince Mahanaga (3rd century B.C.) and Kavantissa (205-161 B.C.). Ruins of an ancient Stupa, a Siri Pathul Gala, a head of a broken Buddha statue, Wingstones and the stone pillars of old buildings and structures have been identified at the site.

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