Olaboduwa Jayawardhanarama Viharaya

Olaboduwa Jayawardhanarama Viharaya
Olaboduwa Sri Jayawardhanarama Purana Maha Viharaya (Sinhala: ඔලබොඩුව ජයවර්ධනාරාම විහාරය) is a Buddhist temple situated in Olaboduwa village near Horana in Kalutara District, Sri Lanka.

This temple was established in 1831 as a residence for Buddhist monks to use during the annual Was (rainy) season. It was declared a Sacred Area by the Government through a Gazette notification published on 5 May 2020. In the same year, the Department of Posts issued a stamp worth Rs. 15.00 depicting the temple's wall painting titled "Tulabara Danaya".

1) The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka: Extraordinary. No: 2174/3. 5 May 2020.

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