Pitihuma Shailabimbarama Viharaya

Not to be confused with Dodanduwa Shailabimbarama Viharaya

Pitihuma Shailabimbarama Viharaya
Shailabimbarama Viharaya (Sinhala: පිටිහුම ශෙෙලබිම්බාරාම විහාරය), is a Buddhist temple situated in Pitihuma village in Kegalle District, Sri Lanka.

The history of this temple runs back to the year 1925. However, folklore links its roots to the reign of King Rajasinha I (1581-1593 A.D.) of Sitawaka. It is recorded in chronicles that some Buddhist monks migrated to the central region of the island when they couldn't tolerate the assaults of Rajasinha I who embraced Hinduism after getting instructions from South Indian advisers. As per the belief of locals, one such Buddhist monk is said to have resided here.

Locals also believe that Robert Knox (1641-1720 A.D.), the English sea captain who lived in Sri Lanka for 19 years as a captive of King Rajasinghe II (1635-1687 A.D.) of Kandy was detained in the cave of this place while he was being brought to Kandy as a prisoner.

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This page was last updated on 16 June 2023

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