Ranmudu Ella Falls

Ranmudu Ella Falls
Ranmudu Ella Falls (Sinhala: රන්මුදු ඇල්ල) is located in Thummodara village in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. The fall is created by a branch of the Wakoya River.

The folklore links the history of this fall to King Rajasinha I (1581-1593 A.D.) of Sitawaka. According to that, the fall got its name Ranmudu Ella (Gold-ring-fall) after Rajasinha I lost his gold ring while taking a bath with his queen at this place. However, another story tells that the fall received its name after a foreign rubber planter lost his ring at the site.

The fall can be reached after a small hike from the road and the site consists of a few bathing spots.

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