Nugegoda Urban Wetland Park | Former Weli Park

Nugegoda Urban Wetland Park
Nugegoda Urban Wetland Park is a small recreational park in Nawala/Nugegoda in Colombo District, Sri Lanka.

The park has been created in and around the Kirulapone Canal in Nugegoda, a highly urbanized suburb, situated near the Colombo Metropolitan Region. Kirulapone Canal is a branch of Diyawanna Oya which is considered the most important marshland that contributes towards water retention and flood protection in the Colombo region. The park is popularly known as Weli Park (sand park) as the site was previously used as a marketplace for sand and bricks. The place was converted into a wetland park in January 2013 with the involvement of the government. 

The park comprises walkways and exercise spaces, places for resting, children's parks and an artificial pond in the shape of the famed Lotus Pond in Polonnaruwa.


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This page was last updated on 18 July 2023
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