Thalahagama Diya Bibula

Thalahagama Diya Bibula (Sinhala: තලහගම දිය බිබුල) is a natural spring situated in Thalagama village situated northeast of Akuressa town in Matara District, Sri Lanka. Located on the verge of a paddy field, it is one of the few freshwater springs found in the area. Presently, the site has become a popular bathing spot among travellers.

A spring is a natural flow of groundwater from soil or rock surface and it occurs when the groundwater table intersects the ground surface (Arumugam & Ranatunga, 1974). Fissures in rock strata allow the emergence of water which also constitutes springs (Arumugam & Ranatunga, 1974). The flow of water or the discharge from springs is determined by the fluctuations of the groundwater table and if the water table drops below ground level, the spring may diminish, dwindle down or dry up (Arumugam & Ranatunga, 1974).

Springs in Sri Lanka are classified as natural, thermal or mineral according to the chemical composition of their water (Arumugam & Ranatunga, 1974). Natural water springs form the sources of streams and rivers. The spring at Thalahagama village is considered a natural water spring.

Thalahagama spring
The springs in the Thalahagama area are said to have been blocked with large tree trunks moved into position by elephants in the past. However, a well has been constructed at the site today and the outflow benefits the paddy in the land in which it is located.

1) extends its gratitude to Lalith Kekulthotuwage for providing the necessary photographs required for this article. All the photos are published here with the permission of the author.

#) Arumugam, S. and Ranatunga, P. U., 1974. Springs of Sri Lanka. Survey of the island's water resources, Vol. I. Water Resources Board. Colombo. p.1.

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