Dutugemunu Viharaya (Galle)

Dutugemunu Viharaya
Dutugemunu Viharaya (Sinhala: හැඩිදෙමළකන්ද දුටුගැමුණු විහාරය) is a Buddhist temple situated in Ganegama-Sandarawala village in Galle District, Sri Lanka. It has been constructed on a small hillock known as Hedidemalakanda.

At the foot of the Hedidemalakanda mountain is the school Sri Rathanasara Maha Vidyalaya which is said to have been established by the temple. Passing this school towards the mountain there is a Stupa constructed by enshrining the remains of late Buddhist monks including Kahawe Sri Rathanasara Thera, Weliwitiye Sugathapala TheraWeragoda Sri Amaramoli Thera and Ganegama Sri Saranankara Thera. The entrance gate located near the monks' dwellings has been built following the style of the gates of the famous Sanchi Stupa in India. The image house known as Mihindu Viharaya is located on the top of the mountain and it was constructed in 1947 by D. D. S. Hettiarachchi, the owner of Baddegama Yahaladuwa Plantations.

A granite block of stone with a crocodile charm and a talisman is presently preserved within the temple premises (de Silva, 2011; Rohanadeera, 2007). Discovered from the nearby Gin Ganga River, scholars have dated this inscription to the 15th century A.D. (Rohanadeera, 2007). Near this block of stone is a cylindrical mason pillar marked with the date 5 July 1928.

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