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Pitakotte Gal Ambalama

Pitakotte Gal Ambalama, Sri Jayawardanapura Kotte, Sri Lanka
Pitakotte Gal Ambalama is a stone doss-house located in Pitakotte in Colombo District, Sri Lanka.

The Ambalama is said to be built during the period of Kingdom of Kotte (1412 - 1597 A.D.). At the time it served as a resting or waiting place for the outside visitors who came to the capital or to the famous Buddhist temple, Kotte Raja Maha Viharaya.

The structure is today standing aside of the Kotte road at the Pitakotte junction. It is about 20 feet in length and 15 feet in breadth. The roof is seemed to be completely renovated and is borne by 12 stone pillars. Recently, due to a road widening program by the Road Development Authority, the Ambalama was dismantled from its original place and re-positioned in the current location. 

A protected monument
The rock doss house (Pita Kotte Gal Ambalama) in the Pita Kotte Grama Niladari Division (GND No. 522 B) is an archaeological protected monument, declared by a government gazette notification published on 16 August 2013.

1) The Gazette of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Extraordinary. no: 1823/73. 16 August 2013. p. 5A.
2) The notice board at the site by Directer General of Archaeology, Department of Archaeology and Ministry of National Heritage.

Location Map
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