St. Joseph's Church, Negombo

St. Joseph's Church, Negombo
St. Joseph's Church, Thillanduwa  (also called as Malwatta Palliya) is a Catholic church located in close proximity to Negombo town, Gampaha District, Sri Lanka.

The origin of St. Joseph's Church, Negombo can be dated to the latter part of the 19 century. The church is said to be started in 1868, as a small cadjan hut erected at the present location (De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009). The foundation stone of the new church building was laid in 1871, and it was opened for worship in 1902 (De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009).

Church building
The church building mainly bears architectural features belonging to the Gothic style (De Silva & Chandrasekara, 2009). The thick walls, decorative columns, the wide nave and sculptural works of the building have caused to increase the beauty of the church.

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Location Map

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