Deduru Oya Reservoir

Deduru Oya Reservoir
Deduru Oya Reservoir is a hydroelectric and irrigation reservoir situated in Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka (Samarakoon et al., 2017).

Deduru Oya Reservoir Project
The Deduru Oya Project is a multipurpose water resource management project carried out by the Ministry of Irrigation (Mishra et al., 2017). The project mainly aimed to improve the livelihood of farmers by increasing the productivity of land by extending the Deduru Oya river water into more regions and to establish a hydro-electric power plant (Samarakoon et al., 2017; Sampath et al., 2014).

Deduru Oya river
Deduru Oya ReservoirOriginated from the western slopes of the Kandy-Matale mountains, Deduru Oya is the fourth largest river basin in the country (Samarakoon et al., 2017). The dam which is an earth-filled type was constructed across the Deduru Oya river at about 300 m upstream of the existing Ridi Bendi Ella anicut (Mishra et al., 2017; Samarakoon et al., 2017). The 2.4 km long dam inundated about 2000 ha. of land and had displaced more than 1100 families (Jayasiri et al., 2018; Mishra et al., 2017).

The completed reservoir was declared open on 22 November 2014 by the then President of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksa.

  • Reservoir data

    Length of bund: 2400 m
    Bund height (Ave.): 17 m
    Capacity :  75x106 m3
    Full supply level: 70.79 m (M.S.L.)
    Area at full supply level: 1957 ha
    High flood level: 71.32 m (M.S.L.)
    Bund top level : 73.68 m (M.S.L.)
    Catchment area: 1400 km2
    Command area: 12000 ha
  • Sluice & spill data

    No of Channels: Two (left & right)
    Sill level: [65.1 m (left), 67.5 m (right) M.S.L.]
    Length of channel: 44 km (left), 36.7 km (right)
    Discharge: 7 m3/s (left), 8.5 m3/s (right)
    Size of gate: 1.5x2.0 m 2 Nos (left), 1.7x2.0 m 2 Nos (right)
    Radial gate: 8.1x8.5 m 8 Nos
    Scour gate: 1.8x1.6 m 2 Nos
    Power house capacity: 1.5 M.W.

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4) Sampath, D., Weerakoon, S., Mishra, B. and Herath, S., 2014. Analysis of the Diversion Requirements from the Deduru Oya Reservoir in Sri Lanka. International Journal of Surface and Groundwater Management Vol. 01, No. 02. pp. 74-76.

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