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Dedigama Eth Pahana

Dedigama Eth Pahana  or Dedigama Elephant Lamp (Sinhala: දැදිගම ඇත් පහන) is referred to as a unique hanging lamp discovered from Dedigama Kota Vehera  (Suthighara Stupa), Kegalle District, Sri Lanka. The lamp is presently on the display in the Ga…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Kala Wewa

Kala Wewa (Sinhala: කලා වැව) is a twin reservoir complex ( Kala-Balalu Wewa ) situated in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka. History The Kala Vapi or the Kala Wewa was constructed during the reign of King Dhatusena [(459-477 A.D.) Arumugam, …

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Memorial of Aranthalawa Massacre

Memorial of Aranthalawa Massacre (also known as Monument of Aranthalawa Buddhist monks ) (Sinhala: අරංතලාව භික්ෂු ඝාතන ස්මාරකය) is a memorial site situated in the village of Aranthalawa in Ampara District, Sri Lanka. It has been built to commemor…

H.A.K.L. Manjula

Nampota (Vihara Asna)

Nampota , also called  Vihara-asna (Sinhala: නම්පොත, විහාර අස්න), Nampotha, Nam Potha is an ancient Sinhalese text that lists the principal Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka. The author of the text is not known and the work is considered to be compi…

H.A.K.L. Manjula
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