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Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa

Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa
Coconut Tree Hill (Sinhala: මිරිස්ස කොකනට් ට්‍රී හිල්ස්) is a coconut estate located by the side of Mirissa Beach, in Galle District, Sri Lanka.

It is a small red-clay headland hill covered with coconut trees and tourists have to walk a bit to reach the place from the Galle Road. The unique and spectacular view it possesses has made this spot famous among the locals as well as the foreign tourists. It is also one of the most popular backgrounds for photoshoots in Sri Lanka.

In January 2021, a fence had been constructed across the hill by its landowner. However, it was removed following the social media outrage and the involvement of politicians.

1) Sri Lanka by Sergei Gussev is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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