Hingurana Sugar Factory

Hingurana Sugar Factory
The Hingurana Sugar Factory is one of the industrial sugar mills in Sri Lanka. It is located near Hingurana town in Gal Oya Valley in Ampara District.

The development of the Sugar industry in Sri Lanka was started during the Dutch Period with the importation of sugar cane from South India, Mauritius, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc., and planting them on the plains of several rivers and streams for the production of jaggery and sugar at cottage level (Keerthipala, 2016). During the British Period, the industry was further developed (Keerthipala, 2016).

Sugar development as a government venture was started in 1956 with the opening of new sugar lands in the Gal Oya Valley and in 1957, the Sri Lanka Sugar Corporation was established as a sponsored institution under the Industrial Corporation Act, (No. 46) of 1957 (Keerthipala, 2007; Keerthipala, 2016; Perera, 2009). In 1960 and 1961, two government-owned mills were established at Hingurana and Kantale respectively (Keerthipala, 2016).

In 1989, the Sri Lanka Sugar Corporation was converted into a public company under the name Sri Lanka Sugar Company Ltd. and then into a holding company in 1991 (Keerthipala, 2016). As a result, the Hingurana was converted into a separate company and in 1993, it was sold to a private entrepreneur (Keerthipala, 2016). However, in January 1997, it was re-acquired and closed by the government because of the alleged mismanagement of company assets by the investors (Keerthipala, 2007; Keerthipala, 2016).

In 2005, Gal Oya Plantations (Pvt) Ltd. was established to start the operation of the Hingurana again and the development of plantations was started in the next year (Keerthipala, 2016; ). The factory started operations in the year 2012 (Keerthipala, 2016) and a new distillery was added to it in 2015 (Keerthipala, 2016).

See also

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