Danigala Mountain | Rumoured Site of Alien Activities in Sri Lanka

Danigala Mountain
Danigala (Sinhala: දානිගල) is a circular-shaped mountain [314 m (1,030.18 ft. amsl)] situated near Kandegama in Polonnaruwa District, Sri Lanka. It is an inselberg called an isolated rocky outcrop generally consisting of Precambrian formation (Sumanarathna et al., 2020). Although there is no reliable evidence of any UFO sightings or alien activities, this mountain is popularly known among the locals as the "Alien Mountain". This name probably has come into parlance because of the mountain's unique semi-circular shape and its peculiar pattern of vegetation. 

The trail to the peak of Danigala Mountain is fallen through Kandegama Kanda Viharaya, a Buddhist temple and an archaeological protected site (Sumanarathna et al., 2020).

Petroglyphs are considered a primitive art form made by prehistoric people (Senanayaka & Rammungoda, 2010). These include various rock engravings executed on the face of a rock or a cave wall using some form of sharp instrument such as stone, bone or metal implements (Senanayaka & Rammungoda, 2010). Petroglyphs have been recorded from a few places in Sri Lanka such as Danigala, Hakbelikanda, Dorawaka Kanda, Urakanda, Navagala, Molagoda, Budugala, and Dimbulagala (Senanayaka & Rammungoda, 2010; Sumanarathna et al., 2020).

Petroglyphs in Danigala
Some petroglyphs have been discovered in a rock shelter called Chitra-lena located in the northwest slope direction of Danigala Inselberg (Sumanarathna et al., 2020). According to Sumanarathna et al., some engraving figures found here are recessively close to linear compounds in Dorawak Kanda Cave and Hakbelikanda Cave but systematically not similar to any of the rock arts found in Sri Lanka (Sumanarathna et al., 2020). It is said that these petroglyphs probably represent a date around 4,500 BP -5,500 BP (Sumanarathna et al., 2020).

Danigala Petroglyphs .
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