Sinhasana Devalaya

Sinhasana Devalaya
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Sinhasana Devalaya (Sinhala: සිංහාසන දේවාලය) is a Devalaya Shrine situated in Devinuwara (Dondra) in Matara District, Sri Lanka.

King Dapalusen [(probably Dappula II (807-812 A.D.)] is said to have erected the Devinuwara Devalaya after placing a sandalwood statue of God Upulvan (present Visnu) which had drifted ashore at Devinuwara. According to local tradition, that sea-drifted statue was found at this place and was taken in procession to the present Devinuwara Devalaya by the king through a narrow path called the Sinhasana road (Bohingamuwa, 2005).

Although the history of this shrine remains unclear, a number of ancient stone pillars are found on this Devalaya premises (Bohingamuwa, 2005).

1) Bohingamuwa, W., 2005. Preliminary Survey of Tsunami-affected Monuments and Sites in the Maritime Region of Sri Lanka. Part VI. ICOMOS Sri Lanka. p.62.

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