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Thisara Sandeshaya

Thisara Sandeshaya or the Swan Message (Sinhala: තිසර සංදේශය) is a Sandesha Kavya from Sri Lanka containing a message from a Buddhist monk at Devinuwara to King Parakramabahu V (1348-1359 A.D.) of Gampola (Godakumbura, 1953). Belonging to the 14th century, the poet of this work is unknown (Godakumbura, 1953). 

Besides the 14th-century work, there are two other Kavyas bearing the same name. The 15th-century poem known as Hamsa Sandeshaya which ends with a prayer to Vanaratana Thera of Keragala Viharaya from an anonymous author of Royal Seat of Kotte is also called Thisara Sandeshaya (Godakumbura, 1953; Wikramasinghe, 1900). Also, the work composed by the poet Midellava Korala in 1836 is again known as Thisara Sandeshaya (Godakumbura, 1953). These three works are known by the same name because the messenger/medium they have employed in their message is a swan. 

Sandesha Kavya: In Sri Lanka, Sandesha Kavyas were written to send a message from one place to another place via a messenger such as a bird (Nanayakkara, 2019).

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