Malwathu Oya

Malwathu Oya
Malwathu Oya (Tamil: Aruvi Aru) is a river in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka. 

The river originates from Ritigala Hills (766 m MSL) in the North Central Province and after travelling about 162 km, it eventually empties into the Indian Ocean at Arippu in Mannar District (Thiruvarudchelvan & Sivakumar, 2019). 
Malwathu Oya is mentioned in chronicles such as Mahavamsa as Kadamba Nadi [(Kalamba or Kolom Oya) Nicholas, 1963]. King Vasabha (67-111 A.D.) is said to have improved a temple named Kalambatitha or Gal-ambatitha Viharaya which was on the bank of the Malwathu Oya (Nicholas, 1963). King Moggallana II (531-551 A.D.) built a tank named Pattapasana Wewa (probably Nachchaduwa Wewa) by damming the Malwathu Oya (Nicholas, 1963).

River basin
The Malwathu Oya river basin extending in an area of about 3,284 km2 is the second-largest catchment among the river basins in Sri Lanka (Dahanayake & Rajapakse, 2019). About 70% of the upper catchment of it is located in the Anuradhapura District while the lower catchment is located in Vavuniya and Mannar Districts (Thiruvarudchelvan & Sivakumar, 2019). Mainly the river basin is used for irrigation, water supply and other diversions in the North Central Province (Dahanayake & Rajapakse, 2019). The basin is augmented by adjacent Kala Oya basin from Kala Wewa via Yoda Ela channel to feed Nachchaduwa Wewa, Tissa Wewa and Abhaya Wewa reservoirs (Dahanayake & Rajapakse, 2019).

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Location Map
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