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Peacock Hill
Peacock Hill, also known as Monara Gala (Sinhala: මොණරගල), is a mountain located in the Pussallawa area in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. Rising to a height of over 1,520 m (4986.87 ft.) above mean sea level, the mountain has presently become a popular tourist place suitable for hiking and camping. A panoramic view of several mountains and towns such as Gampola, Pussallawa, Ambuluwawa, Kotmale Reservoir, Dolosbage and Pidurutalagala ranges can be obtained from the on top of the mountain.

The Peacock hill is covered by pine plantations and the adjacent secondary forest that was regenerated through natural processes after the hill had been affected due to the expansion of tree plantations (Pinus caribaea and Eucalyptus sp.), tea estates and other agricultural crops (De Silva & Senanayake, 2015). The mean annual temperature of the mountain is 22.9°C and the mean annual precipitation ranges between 2,000-2,500 mm (De Silva & Senanayake, 2015).

Peacock Hill
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1) Peacock hill by Rizkyrajitha is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0
2) Kotmale reservoir by Rizkyrajitha is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

1) De Silva, C.M.S.M. and Senanayake, S.P., 2015. Assessment of epiphytic lichen diversity in pine plantations and adjacent secondary forest in Peacock hill, Pussallawa, Sri Lanka. International Journal of Modern Botany, 5(2), pp.29-37.

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