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Kulumeemakada Archaeological Site

Kulumeemakada Archaeological Site is a ruined Buddhist place of worship situated on the wayside of Medawachchiya-Horowpathana road, about 12 km distance from the Horowpothana town. 

Located in the middle of a paddy field, the site consists of an ancient brick Stupa built on a raised square-shaped platform. Four cardinally-oriented flights of steps provide access to it. A few artefacts including a slab inscription of the 2nd century A.D. can be found scattered around the Stupa. 

Kulumeemakada Slab Inscription
Reign: Bhatika Tissa (140-164 A.D.)                                   Period: 2nd century A.D.
Script: Later-Brahmi                                                               Language: Old Sinhala
Content: This records the donation of a portion of the crops of the paddy fields belonging to the five villages of Bamanagama, Vedagama, Lohatabagama, Catanakaragama, and Karabatagama by King Bhatika Tissa for work on the Stupa of Dapatakara Viharaya. It is also mentioned that the income received from canal ways and tanks was donated.
Reference: The Department of the Archaeology and the Ministery of National Heritage.

Location Map
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