Parakrama Samudra Inscription of Parakramabahu I

Parakrama Samudra Inscription of Parakramabahu I
The Parakrama Samudraya Pillar Inscription of King Parakramabahu I (Sinhala: පොළොන්නරුව පරාක්‍රම සමුද්‍රය ටැම් ලිපිය) is presently on the display at the Ancient Technology Museum in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka. 

The pillar
This short stone pillar was originally found on the bund of Parakrama Samudraya reservoir at Polonnaruwa and later brought to the present location for conservation. The inscription has been engraved on three sides of it. The text on the first and the third faces of the pillar is composed in the Sinhala language and written in Sinhala script (Ranawella, 2007). The text in the second face is also written in Sinhala scripts but the language is Sanskrit (Ranawella, 2007).
Scholars have dated this record to the reign of King Parakramabahu I [(1153-1186 A.D.) Ranawella, 2007]. 

The contents of this inscription say that the reservoir at the site was constructed by Parakramabahu for the benefit of the whole world (Ranawella, 2007). It also records the length of the bund of that reservoir (Ranawella, 2007).

1) Ranawella, S., 2007. Inscription of Ceylon. Volume VI. Department of Archaeology. ISBN: 978-955-91-59-61-2. p.47.

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