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Sangamitta Stupa

Sangamitta Stupa (Sinhala: සංඝමිත්තා ස්තූපය) is a ruined Stupa situated in close proximity of Thuparama Viharaya in Anuradhapura District, Sri Lanka. 

Soon after the introduction of Buddhism in Sri Lanka, Sangamitta Theri, the daughter of Emperor Asoka (c.268-232 B.C.) and sister of Arhat Mahinda Thera, brought the Southern Branch of the Sacred Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya to Sri Lanka (Nicholas, 1963; Wikramagamage, 2004). It was planted at Mahamegha park in Anuradhapura, on the ground earlier sanctified by the Buddha, by King Devanampiyatissa (247-207 B.C.) in the presence of a great multitude (Nicholas, 1963; Wikramagamage, 2004). The chronicle Mahavamsa mentions that King Uttiya erected a Stupa in honour of Sangamitta Theri after her body was cremated (Wikramagamage, 2004). The ruined Stupa to the east of the Padalanchana Chethiya has been identified as the Stupa built by Uttiya by enshrining the ashes of Sangamitta Theri (Wikramagamage, 2004).

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