Kilinochchi War Memorial

The Kilinochchi War Memorial (Sinhala: කිලිනොච්චි යුද ස්මාරකය) has been set up in the middle of Kilinochchi town, Sri Lanka. 

The monument was erected as a war hero cenotaph to mark the capturing of Kilinochchi town on 2 January 2009 from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a militant group designated as a terrorist organization by 32 countries. LTTE was defeated by the government forces in May 2009 ending the 26 years long Sri Lanka Civil War.

The monument is a massive concrete cuboid (30 x 20 ft.) pierced by a torpedo and crowned by a lotus blossom (Pieris, 2014).

See also

1) Pieris, A., 2014. Southern invasions: post-war tourism in Sri Lanka. Postcolonial studies, 17(3), pp.266-285.

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