National War Heroes’ Monument

National War Heroes’ Monument
National War Heroes’ Monument or Jathika Ranaviru Smarakaya (Sinhala: ජාතික රණවිරු ස්මාරකය) is a war monument located near the Parliament Building Complex in Battaramulla in Colombo District, Sri Lanka. It was erected in memory of war heroes of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and the Civil Security Department who sacrificed their lives for the protection of the unity and territorial integrity of the country. An annual ceremony to commemorate the velour and gallantry of war heroes is held at the site in May.

Walls engraved with the names of 28,619 war heroes of the Army (23,962), Navy (1160), Air Force (443), Police (2,598) and Civil Security Department (456) who had sacrificed their lives in the fight against the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) organization before May 2009 are also found erected near the monument.

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