Kasuprad Parivena

Kasuprad Parivena (Sinhala: කසුප්රද් පරිවෙන) is a ruined monastery complex situated in the Polonnaruwa Ancient City, Sri Lanka.


Located between Rankoth Vehera and Menik Vehera monasteries, this ruined site is supposed to be the ancient Kasuprad Parivena built by King Kassapa V (914-923 A.D.). This belief is supported by a 10th-century inscription that was discovered near this site where the name Kasuprad Parivena is mentioned. Also, the architectural design of this building complex suggests that it belongs to the Pancavasa style which was prevalent at the time. The ruined structures surrounding the central terrace of the complex indicate that a large number of Buddhist monks had been resident there.

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