Siva Parvati (Colombo National Museum)

Siva & Parvati, Colombo National Museum
A bronze representing Siva & Parvati in the standing posture of Tribhanga is presently on display in the Gallery of Polonnaruwa Period at Colombo National Museum, Sri Lanka. It was discovered from the premises of Siva Devale No 1 in the Polonnaruwa Ancient City (Chutiwongs et al, 2013; Krishnarajah, 1983).

The bronze depicts both Siva and his consort Parvati standing lovely close together on separate lotus pedestals on a common base in the act of showing benevolence to human beings. Siva is four-armed and wears his characteristic matted locks and the moon crescent (Chutiwongs et al, 2013). His back hands hold an axe (Pharasu) and apparently an antelope (Chutiwongs et al, 2013). The front right hand depicts the symbolic gesture of protection while the left hand encircles the shoulders of Parvati (Chutiwongs et al, 2013). Parvati stands slightly inclined towards Siva and holds a water lily by her right hand while her left arm hangs down pendant (Chutiwongs et al, 2013). The divine couple is surrounded by an arched halo (Tiruvasi) consisting of pearls and flames (Krishnarajah, 1983). 

Scholars have dated this statue to the 13th century A.D. (Chutiwongs et al, 2013)

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