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Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls

Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls
Thaliya Wetuna Ella Falls (Sinhala: තලිය වැටුණු ඇල්ල) is a waterfall located in Panwila Divisional Secretariat in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. The fall cascades in two sections and is created by the Hulu Ganga River originating from the Knuckles Forest Reserve. The cascading water finally ends at the Victoria Reservoir. 

The locals associate this waterfall with the queen of King Sri Vikrama Rajasingha (1798-1815 A.D.), the last king of Sri Lanka. It is said this fall got its name because the queen once dropped a golden plate (Thaliya) at this place while passing the Hulu Ganga river (Ekanayaka, 2007).

The fall can be reached after a small hike through the Alakola Estate. At the bottom of the fall is a small natural pool not suitable for bathing.

1) Ekanayaka, U., 2007. Keni Madala Sasala Wiya. S Goḍagē Saha Sahōdarayō. p.93.

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