Liyangastota Amuna

Liyangastota Amuna is a diversion weir on Walawe Ganga River. It was built by British administrators (1889) to feed nearby Ridiyagama & Kadawara tanks
Liyangastota Amuna
Liyangastota Amuna

Liyangastota Amuna (Sinhala: ලියන්ගස්තොට අමුණ), is a diversion weir on Walawe Ganga River located between the margin of Ratnapura and Hambantota Districts, Sri Lanka. The site is popular among travellers as an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers and a safe place for bathing on days with low water levels.


Liyangastota Amuna (anicut) was built by British administrators in 1889 as a diversion weir to feed Ridiyagama and Kadawara tanks through the left bank channel whereas the right bank channel feeds Mamadola and Oluwila tanks (Silva et al., 2014). The 73 m long and 5.8 m high anicut has four scour sluices but only flood flow can spill over the anicut (Arumugam, 1969; Silva et al., 2014).

Liyangastota Amuna
The Amuna during the dry season

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To Whom extends its gratitude to Mrs Badra Kamaladasa (Former Director General of Irrigation) for providing the necessary photographs required for this article. All the photos are published here with the permission of the author.

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