Liyangastota Amuna

Liyangastota Amuna
Liyangastota Amuna (Sinhala: ලියන්ගස්තොට අමුණ), is a diversion weir on Walawe Ganga River located between the margin of Ratnapura and Hambantota Districts, Sri Lanka.

Liyangastota Amuna or anicut was built by British administrators in 1889 as a diversion weir to feed Ridiyagama and Kadawara tanks through the left bank channel whereas the right bank channel feeds Mamadola and Oluwila tanks (Silva et al., 2014). The 73 m long and 5.8 m high anicut has four scour sluices but only flood flow can spill over the anicut (Arumugam, 1969; Silva et al., 2014).

Travel tips
Things to do at Liyangastota Amuna;
The site is a good place for nature lovers and photographers and is safe for baths on days with low water levels. Remember not to litter.

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