Gonmollikanda | Fourteenth Tallest Mountain in Sri Lanka

Gonmollikanda (Sinhala: ගොංමොල්ලි කන්ද), is the fourteenth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. Situated at the boundary of Badulla and Ratnapura districts, the mountain rises to an altitude of 2,034 meters (6,673.22 ft.) above mean sea level (Vithanage, 1988).

The mountain got its name "Gonmollikanda" as its peak has the shape of the hump of a bull. In the Sinhala language, Gon-molli-kanda means "Hump of the bull" (Katupotha & Sumananarathna, 2020). The mountain peak is visible from the World's End of Horton Plains National Park.

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