Kirigalpotta | Second Tallest Mountain in Sri Lanka

Kirigalpotta (Sinhala: කිරිගල්පොත්ත; Tamil: கிரிகல்பொத்த), is the second tallest mountain in Sri Lanka. Situated to the west of the Horton Plains, the mountain rises to an altitude of 2,395 meters (7,857 ft.) above mean sea level (Vithanage, 1988).

Sri Lanka is roughly divided into five topographical regions based on the height and landforms; i) the Central Highlands, ii) the South-west country, iii) the East and South-east country, iv) the Northern lowlands and v) the Coastal fringe (Vithanage, 1988). Of them, Kirigalpotta mountain along with Totupolakanda (2,357 m) and Pidurutalagala (2,524 m) is located in the central backbone of the Central Highlands (Vithanage, 1988).

Kirigalpotta is the highest mountain in the country whose summit is accessible to the general public.

1) Vithanage, P.W., 1988. Relief and Drainage. The National Atlas of Sri Lanka. Survey Department of Sri Lanka. ISBN: 9559059009. pp.22-23. 

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