Loggal Oya Reservoir

Loggal Oya Reservoir
Photo credit: Gayan Asanka, Google Street View

Loggal Oya Reservoir (Sinhala: ලොග්ගල් ඔය ජලාශය) is a minor perennial tank situated in Badulla District, Sri Lanka.

To command part of the water in the Loggal Oya, the Reservoir was built in 1984 as a level crossing reservoir under the multi-purpose Mahaweli Development Project which envisaged the construction of a series of reservoirs along and around the Mahaweli Ganga River (Atukorala, 2012).

The Loggal Oya Dam which is an earthfill dam is 2,250 m in length and 28 m in height (Mahaweli Statistical Hand Book, 2021). The gross storage capacity of the reservoir is 48 MCM while the surface area is 6 km². The reservoir has a catchment area of 250 km² (Mahaweli Statistical Hand Book, 2021).

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2) Mahaweli Statistical Hand Book, 2021. Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka. pp.6-8.

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