Rotumba Budugala‍ Viharaya

Not to be confused with Kaltota Budugala‍ Viharaya

Rotumba Budugala Viharaya
Rotumba Budugala Viharaya (Sinhala: රොටුඹ බුදුගල විහාරය) is a Buddhist temple in Rotumba village in Matara District, Sri Lanka. The waterfall Bisodola Ella is located 1.1 northwest of this temple.

According to local belief, the history of Budugala Viharaya runs back to the period of King Valagamba (103, 88-77 B.C.) of Anuradhapura. The existence of drip-ledged caves in the temple premises indicates that this temple has its roots extending to a very early period. Also, the Brahmi Inscription on the temple grounds is evidence for proving the antiquity of the temple.

The temple mainly consists of two cave temples and in one of them is an 18-cubit recumbent Buddha statue (Wikramaratne, 2015). 

A protected site
The two drip-ledged cave temples in the Rotumba Budugala Raja Maha Vihara premises situated in the Galketa Kanda Grama Niladhari Division in the Pasgoda Divisional Secretary’s Division are archaeological protected monuments, declared by a government Gazette notification published on 24 July 2009.

Rotumba Budugala Viharaya Rotumba Budugala Viharaya
#) extends its gratitude to Lalith Kekulthotuwage for providing the necessary photographs required for this article. All the photos are published here with the permission of the author.

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