Nelligala International Buddhist Center (Kandy)

Nelligala International Buddhist Center

Nelligala International Buddhist Center (Sinhala: නෙල්ලිගල ජාත්‍යන්තර බෞද්ධ මධ්‍යස්ථානය) or Nelligala Viharaya is a modern Buddhist temple in Muruthalawa village in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. Established at the summit of the Nelligala mountain [771 m (2,529.53 ft. amsl)], this modern temple has become a popular destination for sightseeing visitors and tourists, drawn by the panoramic views it offers of the surrounding landscape. Notably, the allure of Nelligala transcends religious boundaries, attracting both Buddhists and individuals from various other faiths.


The inception of Nelligala Temple traces back to 2014 when the land was acquired, and construction commenced in 2015, guided by the young Buddhist monk Wathurakumbure Dhammarathna Thera. Since its establishment, the temple has evolved into a revered site within the Buddhist community in the region.

The Site

Presently, the site is highly venerated by the Buddhist community in the region as the temple is believed to house sacred relics of the Buddha and Arhats. Beyond its religious importance, the temple serves as a cultural hub, providing library facilities for both local and foreign tourists who follow Buddhist traditions.

The temple complex boasts various structures dedicated to religious rituals, including a Stupa, an image house, a Bodhi tree, and a Pagoda. The Bodhi tree, planted in a golden bowl, adds a touch of symbolism, while the six standing Buddha statues, adorned in gold, exhibit the Vitarka Mudra (argumentation gesture) with unique left hand positions. The image house, adjacent to the Bodhi tree and guarded by golden lions at its entrance, features murals depicting Buddhist themes and preserves caskets containing relics and other valuable items. The statue of God Sumana Saman on a white elephant back, the Buddhist deity of Sri Pada Mountain adds a unique appearance to the temple.

Near the Stupa, a golden Pagoda reminiscent of Thai or Myanmar architecture graces the premises, adding to the diversity of the temple's structures. On clear days, the Nelligala Viharaya offers breathtaking views of renowned mountains such as Sri Pada, HanthanaKnucklesAlagalla, and Batalegala, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

Nelligala International Buddhist Center Nelligala International Buddhist Center Nelligala International Buddhist Center

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