Sandagiri Seya (Hantana)

Sandagiri Seya is a gigantic Stupa on premises of Sandagiri Maha Viharaya in Hanthana. This Stupa is claimed to be the largest of its kind in Kandy.
Not to be confused with Sandagiri Seya, Tissamaharama and Sandahiru Seya, Anuradhapura

Sandagiri Seya

Sandagiri Maha Seya (Sinhala: සඳගිරි මහ සෑය) stands as a monumental and contemporary Stupa nestled within the grounds of the Sandagiri Maha Viharaya in the Hanthana in Kandy District, Sri Lanka. This gigantic structure is claimed to be the largest stupa of its kind within the Kandy District, making it a significant and revered religious site in the region. The Sandagiri Maha Viharaya, housing this colossal stupa, serves as a hub for religious activities, ceremonies, and cultural events.


The commencement of construction of the Buddhist temple, including the gigantic Stupa, commenced on January 27, 2017, under the guiding hand of young Buddhist monk Gangasiripura Dhammaloka Thera. Celebrating a significant milestone, the topping ceremony of the Stupa's pinnacle took place on 28 March 2021, followed by the deposition of auspicious objects on 10 September 2022.


The Stupa within the Buddhist temple complex, located several kilometres north of Kandy town and beyond the Hanthana Mountain Range, is a magnificent architectural marvel. The Stupa stands at a height of 33 meters (108 feet) and has a girth of 100 meters (328 feet). Positioned at an elevation of 930 meters above sea level, the stupa's terrace becomes a vantage point offering a breathtaking 180-degree panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. From this elevated position, visitors are treated to a mesmerizing spectacle of the Hanthana Mountain Range. To the right, the rugged cliffs of Katusukonda and Uragala create a dramatic backdrop against the sky. On the left, the valley of the Mahaweli Ganga River stretches out, creating a picturesque contrast to the imposing mountains.

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