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Deraniyagala Cave, Sigiriya

Deraniyagala Cave, Sigiriya
Deraniyagala Cave (also known as Cave no. 7) is a cave situated in the premises of Sigiriya fortress in Matale District, Sri Lanka. The cave has been named after P. E. P. Deraniyagala, the scholar who recorded the paintings in this cave for the first time.

The drip-ledge of the cave indicates that this cave was an abode of forest-dwelling Buddhist monks belonging to the first monastic phase before King Kassapa (477-495 A.D.). 

Faint traces of several female figures are found drawn on the ceiling of the cave. They are similar in the style to those found in the main caves of the Sigiriya rock, except that they are full-figure representations. Traces of foliage and the spreading branches of trees are found in the background below the female figures (Chutiwongs et al., 1990).

Depending on the colours used and ornaments drawn, these paintings have been dated to the late 6th century (Chutiwongs et al., 1990).

Faint traces of female figures Faint traces of female figures Traces of foliage and the spreading branches of trees
1) Chutiwongs, N., Prematilleke, L., Silva, R., 1990. Paintings of Sri Lanka: Sigiriya: Colombo, Archaeological Survey of Sri Lanka, Centenary Publications, Central Cultural Fund. pp. 37-47.

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