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Pitawala Pathana

Pitawala Pathana
Pitawala Pathana is a unique grassland located in the Knuckles conservation forest, in Matale District, Sri Lanka. It is situated close to the Reverston and edge of Knuckles Mountain which is on the way of Matale - Illukkubura road (Siriwardana, 2019).

The grassland extends over an area of about 26 hectares of a gently sloping rock terrain covered with a thin soil layer (Senanayake et al., 2019; Siriwardana, 2019). The terrain in some areas is rocky, with a patchy grass cover (Senanayake et al., 2019). Several isolated short trees and shrubs are found scattered through the grassland. The landscape of Pitawala Pathana somewhat resembles that of Horton Plains National Park and as its precipice to Mini World’s End (Siriwardana, 2019).

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2) Siriwardana, S.H.S.M., 2019. Potentials for promoting ecotourism in Knuckles mountain range, Sri Lanka: as a sustainable solution for environment degradation. KALAM - International Research Journal Faculty of Arts and Culture, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka

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