King Buvanekabahu IV of Gampola

Lankatilaka Viharaya inscription
Buvanekabahu IV (Sinhala: හතරවන බුවනෙකබාහු රජ) was the first king of Gampola Kingdom, Sri Lanka from 1341 A.D. to 1351 A.D. (Ray, 1960). He succeeded his father Vijayabahu V (1335-1341 A.D.) of Dambadeniya and was succeeded by Parakkamabahu V (1344-1359 A.D.).

A few inscriptions belonging to the reign of King Buvanekabahu IV have been found (Ranawella, 2014).
Dated in the 3rd regnal year of Buvanekabahu IV, the inscription reveals detail about the foundation of a shrine of Buddha at Gadaladeniya by the great Sthavira Dhammakirti who came of the Ganavasi stock.
2) Lankathilaka Viharaya Rock Inscription (from Kandy District)
Dated in the 3rd regnal year of Buvanekabahu IV, the inscription contains a detailed account of the founding of the Lankatilaka Viharaya, mainly due to the efforts of Senalankadhikara, which is followed by a list of the lands and the other donations made to it by the king, Senalankadhikara and other notables of the period.
3) Malvattegala Rock Inscription (from Colombo District)
This inscription mentions about a prince named Virasundara, a contemporary of King Buvanekabahu IV.

4) Lankathilaka Viharaya 92 by Cherubino is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

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