Aradunu Ella Falls

Aradunu Ella Falls
Photo credit: Shaasnapzz By Shamil Suhail, Google Street View

Aradunu Ella Falls (Sinhala: අරදුනු ඇල්ල) is a waterfall close to Passara in Badulla District, Sri Lanka. The fall is roughly 30 m (98.42 ft.) in height and is formed by Loggal Oya, a stream originating from Namunukula Mountain Range and ends at Loggaloya Reservoir before joining Mahaweli Ganga. The fall is dammed for the nearby tea factory and hydro-electricity project.

Some locals link this waterfall to the time of King Valagamba (103, 89-77 B.C.). It is said that Valagamba was hiding for his protection in one of the caves located near this fall while South Indian invaders were ruling the Anuradhapura Kingdom. Folklore also says that there was a tunnel to the rear of the fall that ran up to nearby Passara Raja Maha Viharaya.

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